Looking for pool tables for sale Perth-wide

Got some pool tables for sale? Perth can have scores of garage sales on any given Saturday so if you want to stand out from the rest, there are some simple guidelines to make your garage sale a success and turn that trash into cash.

Before the Day:

“If you fail to plan, plan to fail”. This expression rings true when it comes to holding a garage sale. Make sure you leave enough time between deciding to hold the sale and the actual sale day. A month is usually a good rule of thumb. Visit as many garage sales as you can and make a note of what they do well and not so well and take it on board.

Decide on a location. Most sales, despite the name, are not actually held in the garage. On a fine,warm day the lawn is as good a place as any but you want people to come, stay and browse for as long as possible. Providing a comfortable environment should be high on your agenda. Fans for the heat and a dry, covered area in case of rain at the minimum should be provided. Once that’s organised you are ready to start sorting your items for sale. Ask friends and family if they have anything they want to sell. The more good quality items you have, the more attractive you are to potential customers. Make sure everything is in working order and has been cleaned.

Finally, you need to advertise. Flyer drop neighbouring streets and shops and spread the word.Take out an ad in the local paper, advertise online then, closer to the day,put up signs around the neighbourhood and label them clearly – “Pool tables for sale, Perth! This Saturday!” leaves no illusion as to what is available.

On the day:

Get up early. I know it sounds crazy but many people are late to start their sale.Professional bargain hunters will be at your house at the opening time if they think there might be something worthwhile amongst your tables. If your advertised start time is 7am, be there, ready to sell at 7am at the latest.

Be realistic with your pricing. Keep in mind your customers are expecting a bargain so try to give them what they want. Group items together to create larger sales and stay focused on getting rid of as much as possible. Don’t let items go for nothing but do not lose out on a sale for the sake a few dollars.

Stay organised. Label large items as sold if a buyer needs to come back later to pick it up. Make sure you have small change available and if you are selling high value items have a method for safeguarding big denominations. Keep a tape measure handy to allow indecisive buyers the opportunity to know exactly what they are buying.

At the end of the day, take stock of what’s left. Decide if you want to keep any of it, try again in a few months or donate it to charity.

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