Complete your pool room with the right pool table accessories

No games room is complete without a pool table and no pool table is complete without the correct pool table accessories. Here at Mr Billiards we have all the cues and pool table accessories you need to complete your room and keep it looking good for years to come.

Let’s talk about cues. All our cues are two piece, made from ash or graphite and come in a variety of colours. There is something special about owning your own cue and in our range there is something for everyone. To avoid damage, we recommend pairing your cue with one of our cases. Aluminium offers the best protection but we also have a variety of economical cases available. Match the colour of your cue to the colour of your case and you are ready to go. A cue rack keeps your pool room looking neat and tidy and is a great choice to give your room that authentic look and feel. The final cue accessory you will need is a rest.A spider and a cross will cover most needs of the social player.

Once you have chosen your cue, you will need some balls. Depending on your game of choice you might need more than one set of balls. A standard white ball is 17/8”, which is slightly smaller than the standard 2” coloured ball. This allows the white ball to be returned to the correct end of the table. A white ball is include din all our sets but it’s a good idea to have at least one spare. Casino balls come in yellow and red and these are a great choice due to the ease with which they can be replaced. The ever popular, traditional, numbered pool balls are also available. If snooker is your game, we have full sets with either 10 or 15 reds available.

Of all the pool table accessories available, chalk is often overlooked. Being without chalk is an unforgivable pool sin. Luckily, you will not have that problem because we have chalk available in multiple colours and variety of quantities. We have chalk in blue, green and red starting from less than $0.50 a piece for a pack of 144. Never lose your chalk again with one of our magnetic chalk holders or pouches.

So you are all ready to play – but let’s consider maintenance. A pool table cover should be used for any extended periods of non-use. A plastic cover will work but vinyl will protect the table most effectively and keep the cloth in perfect condition. For regular maintenance a brush is needed. Sweep all the dust and chalk into the pocket sand then simply vacuum it. It is a good idea to do this before covering the table. A napper is used to keep the cloth all running in the same direction and to lengthen its life, however a table iron is the ultimate tool for this. Ironware more expensive than nappers but if you are looking for quality pool table accessories, then a pool table iron is the only way to go.

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