Looking for pool tables for sale Perth-wide

Got some pool tables for sale? Perth can have scores of garage sales on any given Saturday so if you want to stand out from the rest, there are some simple guidelines to make your garage sale a success and turn that trash into cash.

Before the Day:

“If you fail to plan, plan to fail”. This expression rings true when it comes to holding a garage sale. Make sure you leave enough time between deciding to hold the sale and the actual sale day. A month is usually a good rule of thumb. Visit as many garage sales as you can and make a note of what they do well and not so well and take it on board.

Decide on a location. Most sales, despite the name, are not actually held in the garage. On a fine,warm day the lawn is as good a place as any but you want people to come, stay and browse for as long as possible. Providing a comfortable environment should be high on your agenda. Fans for the heat and a dry, covered area in case of rain at the minimum should be provided. Once that’s organised you are ready to start sorting your items for sale. Ask friends and family if they have anything they want to sell. The more good quality items you have, the more attractive you are to potential customers. Make sure everything is in working order and has been cleaned.

Finally, you need to advertise. Flyer drop neighbouring streets and shops and spread the word.Take out an ad in the local paper, advertise online then, closer to the day,put up signs around the neighbourhood and label them clearly – “Pool tables for sale, Perth! This Saturday!” leaves no illusion as to what is available.

On the day:

Get up early. I know it sounds crazy but many people are late to start their sale.Professional bargain hunters will be at your house at the opening time if they think there might be something worthwhile amongst your tables. If your advertised start time is 7am, be there, ready to sell at 7am at the latest.

Be realistic with your pricing. Keep in mind your customers are expecting a bargain so try to give them what they want. Group items together to create larger sales and stay focused on getting rid of as much as possible. Don’t let items go for nothing but do not lose out on a sale for the sake a few dollars.

Stay organised. Label large items as sold if a buyer needs to come back later to pick it up. Make sure you have small change available and if you are selling high value items have a method for safeguarding big denominations. Keep a tape measure handy to allow indecisive buyers the opportunity to know exactly what they are buying.

At the end of the day, take stock of what’s left. Decide if you want to keep any of it, try again in a few months or donate it to charity.

Complete your pool room with the right pool table accessories

No games room is complete without a pool table and no pool table is complete without the correct pool table accessories. Here at Mr Billiards we have all the cues and pool table accessories you need to complete your room and keep it looking good for years to come.

Let’s talk about cues. All our cues are two piece, made from ash or graphite and come in a variety of colours. There is something special about owning your own cue and in our range there is something for everyone. To avoid damage, we recommend pairing your cue with one of our cases. Aluminium offers the best protection but we also have a variety of economical cases available. Match the colour of your cue to the colour of your case and you are ready to go. A cue rack keeps your pool room looking neat and tidy and is a great choice to give your room that authentic look and feel. The final cue accessory you will need is a rest.A spider and a cross will cover most needs of the social player.

Once you have chosen your cue, you will need some balls. Depending on your game of choice you might need more than one set of balls. A standard white ball is 17/8”, which is slightly smaller than the standard 2” coloured ball. This allows the white ball to be returned to the correct end of the table. A white ball is include din all our sets but it’s a good idea to have at least one spare. Casino balls come in yellow and red and these are a great choice due to the ease with which they can be replaced. The ever popular, traditional, numbered pool balls are also available. If snooker is your game, we have full sets with either 10 or 15 reds available.

Of all the pool table accessories available, chalk is often overlooked. Being without chalk is an unforgivable pool sin. Luckily, you will not have that problem because we have chalk available in multiple colours and variety of quantities. We have chalk in blue, green and red starting from less than $0.50 a piece for a pack of 144. Never lose your chalk again with one of our magnetic chalk holders or pouches.

So you are all ready to play – but let’s consider maintenance. A pool table cover should be used for any extended periods of non-use. A plastic cover will work but vinyl will protect the table most effectively and keep the cloth in perfect condition. For regular maintenance a brush is needed. Sweep all the dust and chalk into the pocket sand then simply vacuum it. It is a good idea to do this before covering the table. A napper is used to keep the cloth all running in the same direction and to lengthen its life, however a table iron is the ultimate tool for this. Ironware more expensive than nappers but if you are looking for quality pool table accessories, then a pool table iron is the only way to go.

Overview of the pool tables for sale at Mr. Billiards

Buying a pool table can be daunting but it doesn’t need to be. We have a number of pool tables for sale here at Mr Billiards to suit your room and budget. All of our pool tables can be delivered to your home or place of business in the Perth Metro area or regional Western Australia. Browse our website for an idea of the items and services we offer and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

All of our tables are classified as seven-foot tables. Specifically, they are 7’ long by 3’6” wide. This is the typical home or pub sized table that has become the standard for social and competition play.The beauty of this size is that you get the feel of a full size table and your room requirements are realistic. Ideally, a seven-foot table would be housed in a room measuring 17’ by 13’6”, or in metric terms 5.18 by 4.11 metres. If your room fails to meet these requirements you can get away with a room of 15’ by 11’6”as a minimum requirement.

For appearance, strength and durability, the tables are beautifully finished, solid timber legs. There are cheap pool tables available that use wood composites such as medium-density fibreboard but they are prone to rot and weak in a short space of time. A pool table should last for years and solid timber is the standard for quality. The wood is available in four colours – brown, dark cherry, oak and rosewood. Choose the colour to match your existing decor.

Solid, brass pocket brackets are built to last and will not rust like cheap metal pockets you might find on other pool tables for sale.The colouring also adds some old world charm and a touch of class to the look of the table. The quality of our pockets will allow you to pot with speed and confidence.

The all-important playing surface is covered in top quality, English cloth. You may hear people talking about “felt”, however this is an erroneous term. The cloth is actually a custom blend, allowing the balls to roll true and the speed to stay consistent. Additionally, there are fifteen cloth colours to choose from,so matching to your room is a cinch. Some minor maintenance with a napper or iron will keep this high quality cloth in great condition for years to come.

Lastly, in terms of style and appearance, we have five fantastic models to choose from, each with their own personality. For example, there is the traditionally styled ‘Liberty’ model and the exquisite ‘Royal’model with pillars for legs. We have tables for all rooms and décor. If you are interested in pool tables for sale, accessories or anything at all pool related, be sure to check out our catalogue and visit our online shop.

Eddie Charlton

Recently, while I was delivering some pool tables, Perth teenagers who were standing nearby could be heard calling out references to Eddie Charlton. The fact that they knew who Eddie was at first surprised me, but after giving it more thought I realised I shouldn’t have been surprised at all.

Eddie Charlton is to Australian snooker what Phar Lap is to horse racing. A name synonymous with a sport. His influence and lasting memory is testament to what he meant to the sport at a time when it enjoyed a surge in popularity and participation.

Edward Francis Charlton was born on 31st October 1929 in Merewether, NSW. This part of Australia was dominated by mining during this time so it comes as no surprise that his father was a coal miner. Eddie grew up as part of a sporting family and in actual fact was quite the all-round sportsman himself. He played grade football, surfed very well, excelled at cricket and was a handy boxer.Eventually, billiards won out as his preferred game and in this he was brilliant. After following his father into the mines, Eddie was persuaded to concentrate on cue sports as a profession by Fred Davis. Incidentally, Eddie’s brother Jim was also a professional snooker player.

By this time Eddie was already 34 years of age, which would put him in the veteran stakes of today’s players. However, he went on to win the Australian Billiards Championships nineteen out of the next twenty years. Quite an amazing feat! He was also a finalist of the World Billiards Championships on four occasions between 1974 and 1988.

Snooker however, is the game which Eddie is known for by millions. His wins on the BBC’s Pot Black in 1972, 1973 and 1980 afforded him a high profile with TV audiences, and although he never won the World Championships, he was regarded as being one of the world’s best players. He placed runner up in the Snooker World Championships three times and is the only person never to win either the snooker or billiards titles having been runner up in both. Eddie was also the first player to score a century break on Pot Black. The achievement is all the more special considering in those days the matches were one frame affairs. It was a truly magnificent career and he was still firmly entrenched in the top ten rankings at 55 years of age. By the time he played his final match at The Crucible, Eddie Charlton was over 60.

Recognition came via the Order of Australia, which Eddie was awarded in 1980. He continued to be active in the sport for the rest of his life and when Eddie sadly passed away in New Zealand in 1994, it emerged that he had played and beat 15 opponents in a single night just three days previously. A true legend.

If Eddie Charlton’s story inspires you to try your hand on the pool tables, Perth cue sport specialists Mr. Billiards is ready to provide any pre and post-sales support you need.

A Brief Summary On Building A Pool Table

Pool tables available at Mr Billiards are high quality, commercially built units that will provide years of playing enjoyment. You can simply choose a model and have it delivered to your home or place of business. For the very ambitious woodworker, there is another option:building one yourself. Before you embark on such a grand task, make sure you are aware of what is involved. Here, we provide a brief summary on building a functional pool table, but keep in mind things have been simplified, and the quality of the materials and standard of finish is inferior to a Mr Billiards pool table that has been produced using commercial machinery and buying power.

Before you do any building you need to know where the table will be located. Pool tables need approximately 4 feet of room available on each side to allow for unimpeded play. A standard pool table is approximately 7 foot by 3 ½ foot so you will need a room big enough to house a table of this size.

Once you have your room measurements building can start. Slate is the preferred material for the flat playing surface but for this project we will use wood. Cut your flat piece of wood to your desired dimensions, ensuring the edges are perfectly straight and the surface, perfectly flat. Sand the edges. Using a scroll saw,cut 5 inch diameter pockets out of the corners and at the half way point of the long edges. Again, sand all edges.

The table legs should be made from minimum 6 inch by 6 inch wooden beams. Optionally,they can be lathed or left square. They must be cut to exactly the same length,keeping in mind that a standard pool table is approximately 3 feet tall.Position the legs on the floor just inside where each corner pocket will be located. Screw the table top into place and secure with L shaped brackets on the underside of the table.

Next,measure and cut the wooden rails. Mark and remove spaces for the pockets and then secure the ledges with screws every 12 inches. The styling and finish of the ledges is up to you but a routed outside edge adds a simple but stylish finish.We encourage you to view other tables to find the style you prefer.

Spray the flat playing surface and inside edge of the rails with adhesive. Take your felt and carefully roll it over the playing surface leaving extra felt hanging over the rails. Move along the felt removing any kinks or air bubbles. A rolling pin is a great low tech solution here. Once the felt is in place staple the outside edges and trim the excess.

Finally,screw your nets in place, allowing enough room for at least 4 balls in each pocket, and go over the entire table with a level and adjust the legs as necessary. You now have a functional table. The addition of an underside cabinet, cushions, brass fittings and further finishing is entirely up to you.

Pool tables built as described above are more of a woodworking project than anything else. For pool tables that will be frequently used, we recommend commercially built models, using high quality materials, such as those available at Mr Billiards.

Pool, Billiards, Snooker – What’s the Difference?

Pool,billiards, and snooker are all “Cue Sports”. They fall under this umbrella, and are games of skill involving a player using a cue stick and hitting billiard balls around a billiards table. Not simply “games”, the genre has been considered a “sport” since at least 1893.

Formerly known overall as “billiards”, there are three major types of cue sports commonly played today.

· Carom Billiards is a variety of games played on a table which has a length of ten feet; there are no pockets on this table, and few balls are used.

· Pool is played on a six-pocket table varying in length between seven, eight, or nine feet. Pool games include eight ball, nine ball, ten ball, straight pool, one pocket, and bank pool. Pool is the game most commonly played recreationally in pubs.

· Snooker and English Billiards are cue games played on a large, pocketed billiards table of twelve feet in length by six feet in width. Snooker and English Billiards are considered to be completely separate games from pool and Carom Billiards; historically, they developed separately, and are characterised very differently in terms of terminology and culture of play.

The biggest difference between the games is in the number of balls used for play:

· Snooker uses twenty two balls, including the white striker ball. This is followed by fifteen reds, one yellow, one blue, one pink, one brown, one green, and one black ball. Snooker balls are smaller than pool or billiards balls, and the pockets are smaller as well.

· Pool uses nine balls, which are numbered and striped.

· Billiards uses three balls (white, yellow, and red); the white and yellow balls can acts strikers. With no pockets, the game is somewhat different than pool or snooker, and the table lining is much faster than it is for snooker or pool.

The size of the balls varies depending on the specific game being played.

Billiards is the oldest of these games; many historically consider billiards to be a “gentleman’s game”, whereas pool more a pursuit for the “common” man.

Most people who have a table at home have a pool table. Not only is this game the most well known, it is the easiest to learn…