Overview of the pool tables for sale at Mr. Billiards

Buying a pool table can be daunting but it doesn’t need to be. We have a number of pool tables for sale here at Mr Billiards to suit your room and budget. All of our pool tables can be delivered to your home or place of business in the Perth Metro area or regional Western Australia. Browse our website for an idea of the items and services we offer and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

All of our tables are classified as seven-foot tables. Specifically, they are 7’ long by 3’6” wide. This is the typical home or pub sized table that has become the standard for social and competition play.The beauty of this size is that you get the feel of a full size table and your room requirements are realistic. Ideally, a seven-foot table would be housed in a room measuring 17’ by 13’6”, or in metric terms 5.18 by 4.11 metres. If your room fails to meet these requirements you can get away with a room of 15’ by 11’6”as a minimum requirement.

For appearance, strength and durability, the tables are beautifully finished, solid timber legs. There are cheap pool tables available that use wood composites such as medium-density fibreboard but they are prone to rot and weak in a short space of time. A pool table should last for years and solid timber is the standard for quality. The wood is available in four colours – brown, dark cherry, oak and rosewood. Choose the colour to match your existing decor.

Solid, brass pocket brackets are built to last and will not rust like cheap metal pockets you might find on other pool tables for sale.The colouring also adds some old world charm and a touch of class to the look of the table. The quality of our pockets will allow you to pot with speed and confidence.

The all-important playing surface is covered in top quality, English cloth. You may hear people talking about “felt”, however this is an erroneous term. The cloth is actually a custom blend, allowing the balls to roll true and the speed to stay consistent. Additionally, there are fifteen cloth colours to choose from,so matching to your room is a cinch. Some minor maintenance with a napper or iron will keep this high quality cloth in great condition for years to come.

Lastly, in terms of style and appearance, we have five fantastic models to choose from, each with their own personality. For example, there is the traditionally styled ‘Liberty’ model and the exquisite ‘Royal’model with pillars for legs. We have tables for all rooms and décor. If you are interested in pool tables for sale, accessories or anything at all pool related, be sure to check out our catalogue and visit our online shop.

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